Deadline approaches for protecting musicians’ instruments in flight

Deadline approaches for protecting musicians' instruments in flight (Image 1)

A deadline is quickly approaching to protect musicians' instruments in flight.

Tennessee lawmakers are urging the Department of Transportation to set standards for guitars, banjos and other instruments.

Representative Jim Cooper says the FAA regulations were to be completed by Friday, but lawmakers haven't started the rule making process yet, citing funding issues.

Inside Corner Music, Acoustic Manager Scott Frazier-Maskiell knows the issue all too well.

“We have had people bring in horror stories of guitars that were smashed and broken, especially working with the airline it's really tough,” he explained to Nashville's News 2.

That's why House lawmakers are speaking up about inconsistent airline policies that fail to protect musical instruments, some Frazier-Maskiell says are irreplaceable.

“It's really hard for you to get your money out from an airline and insurance claims. We've had a lot of people try to get insurance claims and it's really, really difficult to have a guitar replaced.”

Currently, airline policies vary.

“You have different airlines, different people working on certain days and a lot of cases that you think may protect a guitar, [but] they are not as protective when you see someone throwing them on a runway, they are doing the cargo and a lot of people have seen that. they've written songs about it,” he explained.

Congress wants the FAA to allow passengers to stow instruments on board in closets or overhead compartments or provide the option to purchase an extra seat.

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