2 charged after meth lab found in SUV

2 charged after meth lab found in SUV (Image 1)

Two men were arrested Tuesday in Dyer County after authorities reportedly found an active meth lab inside their truck.

The State Gazette reports Jody Floyd, 42, and Billy Gilliam, 37, both of Dyersburg, now face charges of initiating methamphetamine manufacture.

Deputies stated they received information Gilliam was cooking meth inside a red Ford Explorer behind a home on Highway 104 West.

When they arrived, Gilliam exited the vehicle to speak with officers, who stated he appeared nervous.

Floyd then exited the vehicle and was told to stay put by deputies.

Gilliam allegedly told police he did not live at the residence and was not cooking meth, then agreed to let deputies search his car.

Upon opening the Explorer's door, police said they could smell a strong odor of ammonia.  An active meth lab was then found in the rear floorboard of the vehicle.

Both men have been booked into the Dyer County jail over 40 times each.

Floyd has previous charges such as failure to appear, assault, domestic assault, drug possession, harassment, public intoxication, and driving under the influence.

Gilliam has previous charges that include resisting arrest, failure to pay child support, domestic violence, contempt of court, aggravated assault, and possession of Schedule II controlled substance.

They are both being held without bond on their current charges and are due in court Thursday.

*The State Gazette contributed to this report.

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