Parents charged in connection to newborn daughter’s death

Parents charged in connection to newborn daughter's death (Image 1)

A Portland mother and father were arrested Tuesday in connection to their eight-week-old daughter's death.

Emergency crews responded to a home in the 200 block of Portland Boulevard on the morning of January 2 after receiving a 911 from Robert Jasper who stated his daughter Alionna was having difficulty breathing.

The infant was immediately transported to Sumner Regional Medical Center where bruising and swelling to the her eyes and face was noticed.

The baby was later transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville where it was determined she suffered a severe brain injury.

Alionna died as a result of her injuries at Vanderbilt.

An autopsy revealed her death was caused by inflicted head and spinal cord trauma. Police said the two-month-old baby was with her father when the injuries occurred.

“He tells me he had no idea what happened. Then he says he had a dream in which the child was not breathing in his dream and he awoke alarmed and picked the child up quickly and allegedly shook the baby because he didn't think she was breathing,” Det. Jason Williams told News 2.

Williams continued, “He has expressed no remorse as far as taking responsibility for what is going on here.”

Medical records indicate the newborn was malnourished, was small for her age and that dirt was located under her finger and toenails.

Prior to their arrests Jasper and mother Jenny Gregory took to their Facebook pages writing, “We love you Alionna and miss you monkey. We will never forget [you]. Save me and mommy a spot up there.”

A second post by Gregory on February 8 reads, “Alionna, mommy miss [sic] you sooo much. I wish I could hold you baby. Today was so hard without ya. God, I just want to go to sleep and get up and it was a bad dream.”

Jasper is charged with first degree murder, aggravated child abuse and neglect. He is being held without bond.

Gregory, 24, is charged with child abuse and neglect.  She is being held on a $50,000 bond.

Two other children remain in the state's custody.

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