Alan Jackson’s daughter reaches plea deal in assault cause

Alan Jackson's daughter reaches plea deal in assault cause (Image 1)

The 20-year-old daughter of country music star Alan Jackson has reached a plea deal in her assault case.

Alexandra Jackson appeared in a Davidson County courtroom Tuesday morning where she agreed to attend an alcohol safety course, complete twelve hours of community service and take an eight hour anger management course as part of her conditional plea.

“The main thing is she took responsibility for her actions, acknowledged there was a violation and she's moving on,” said Fraternal Order of Police President Sgt. Robert Weaver.

Jackson was arrested last August after allegedly striking a police officer during a traffic stop.

She was a passenger in an SUV that was pulled over for speeding and tailgating at the corner of 12th Avenue South and Wedgewood Avenue.

During the stop, officers determined that Jackson had consumed a large amount of alcohol and was underage.

According to the arrest affidavit, Jackson got out of the vehicle and became “visibly irate and started making demands.”

She then reportedly raised her hand toward the police officer in a threatening manner and eventually struck him in the chest.

The arrest documents say Jackson initially resisted being handcuffed and only calmed down with the help of the driver.

She was charged with assault, consumption of alcohol and resisting arrest.  

Jackson is scheduled to go back to court April 2.

If she completes the courses and stays out of trouble, her case will be dismissed.

“The majority of these cases are settled, especially if the defendant doesn't have a criminal history.  It is frustrating, but we understand how our court system has to work,” said Sgt. Weaver.  “However, police officers shouldn't be assaulted in the course of their duties.”

Neither Jackson nor her attorney wanted to comment after the court proceeding.

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