Father, firefighter accused of giving middle school students alcohol

Father, firefighter accused of giving middle school students alcohol (Image 1)

A Rhode Island father and volunteer firefighter was arrested Friday after police say he provided alcohol to middle school students at a party.

According to our sister station NBC 10, the suspect, Brian Holdredge, spoke to the news station and confirmed his arrest on multiple charges, including procuring alcohol to minors.

The story was tipped by parents of 12 and 13-year-old kids who were invited to Holdrege's home on January 31 for his daughter's birthday party.

The parents said about 20 middle school aged children were at the party.

THe incident came to light after officials at Westerly Middle School reportedly overheard some students talking about the party, saying at least two children were drinking during the festivities.

One of the children was Holdredge's daughter, and the other was an 8th grade boy who was seen stumbling most of the night.

The school took immediate action Thursday and called parents of the children who attended the party, as well as notified the police who ultimately charged Holdredge.

NBC 10 spoke to Holdredge Friday, who works as a volunteer firefighter, and said he confirmed his arrest.

The news station added Holdredge posted an apology to his Facebook wall that read:

“I want to sincerely apologize for some very poor judgment I displayed this past weekend. It was a foolish mistake and one I take full responsibility for. I am sorry to all of those I offended, hurt or otherwise caused any pain. It is a lesson I will not soon forget and a strong message to my children, my friends, my family and to myself. I have embarrassed myself and my family and that is shame I have to live with… My sincerest apologies to you all.”

He is due in court on February 21.

*NBC 10 contributed to this report.

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