Soda Pop Junction in Lynnville voted best burger

News 2 viewers have spoken and sent our crew to Giles County to check out the winner of Middle Tennessee’s Best Burger.

Soda Pop Junction, located at 141 Mill Street in Lynnville, is nestled in a building built in the late 1860s, and little has changed since.

The stools, exposed brick, jukebox and floors are all original.

Johnny Phelps and his wife, who have owned the restaurant for the past 15 years, have earned quite the reputation.

So what’s the secret?

“It’s not just a burger we put on the grill. It’s 100 percent Angus beef, and we marinate it about 12 hours before we cook it,” Phelps told News 2.

He said the marinate sauce was created by Big Johnny, who passed away about six years ago.

“Actually, this was as tribute to him,” Phelps added.

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