JC Penney employee arrested for theft

French investigators cracked open a mangled black box and extracted audio from its cockpit voice recorder Wednesday, but gleaned no explanation for why a German plane dropped unexpectedly and smashed into a rugged Alpine mountain, killing all 150 on board.

A JC Penney employee was arrested Thursday after authorities say she allowed people to purchase merchandise without paying full price.

Loss prevention officers at the store located in the Rivergate Mall reported seven thefts occurred between November 21 and February 1.

Talysha Smith, 19, was reportedly captured via video surveillance working the cash register during each transaction.  Police reported transaction receipts also showed the same information.

The store noted that approximately $1,564.26 in merchandise was taken from the store.

Smith was pulled from her duties and confronted with the findings.  She wrote and signed a statement admitting to her role, an affidavit stated.

Smith was charged with theft and has since been released on $1,500.

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