Police impersonator strikes again in Maury County

Police impersonator strikes again in Maury County (Image 1)

For the second time in three days, investigators say someone impersonated an officer in Maury County and robbed a motorist at gunpoint.

The latest incident happened Wednesday morning around 6 a.m., just off Highway 43 in Mt. Pleasant.

The victim, who asked not to be identified, was pulled over on his way to work by someone driving a late model yellow Camaro or Mustang, with a blue police light on the dashboard.

“He told me he was an undercover cop,” the victim said.

The man thought it was a routine traffic stop until the impersonator drew his gun and aimed it at him.

He grabbed the man's wallet, took an undisclosed amount of money and threatened to call immigration. Then he went back to the yellow car and took off.

A similar crime happened on Sunday in the same area. In that crime, the victim was knocked unconscious and robbed.

Captain Jimmy Tennyson with the Maury County Sheriff's Office says the two crimes were likely committed by two different suspects using the same yellow car.

Law enforcement in multiple agencies in the area are pulling over just about every yellow car they see in an attempt to catch the suspect.

Police officials say if you are pulled over by a vehicle that's not clearly marked as a patrol car it's a good idea to drive to a well-lit, more public area before stopping.

Drivers can also call police on a cell phone to ask if any law enforcement is working in the area, and to ask if a real police officer is attempting to initiate a stop.

Anyone with information about these crimes should call the sheriff's department at 931-380-5733.

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