Drones cause concerns in La Vergne

Drones cause concerns in La Vergne (Image 1)

Drones are causing some concerns in La Vergne.

Carolyn Hickerson was waiting at the bus stop for her grandson in the Knollwood neighborhood when she saw a drone hovering in the sky, taking pictures of homes.

“He flew down the street and up the street and across here, and each time he was going over every home and stopping and taking what appeared to be pictures,” Hickerson explained to Nashville's News 2.

Hickerson asked the man with the remote if he was with Google.  He then explained he was with a roofing company.

“This is not acceptable, you know? If it's a hobbyist flying it in the backyard with his kid, I don't care about that, but I care about somebody surveying the neighborhood. I'm concerned about that,” she explained.
The Federal Aviation Administration bans the use of drones for commercial purposes, but does not restrict their use for recreation.

“Something has to be done and I'm only asking for two things. I'm asking that there be a permit to fly and a background check to own, and I don't think that's unreasonable.”

La Vergne Mayor Senna Mosley is also voicing concerns.

“It's a fine line between other people's rights and privacy. There's a huge difference in someone flying a camera over your home that's considered your safe place, your private place,” Mayor Mosley explained to News 2.

Mayor Mosley is seeking guidance with the city lawyer and police chief about the legalities and measures they can take to protect their citizens.

The mayor says the city will discuss the issue again at next month's planning meeting. 

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