Overnight rain causes minor flooding in Middle Tenn.

Overnight rain causes minor flooding in Middle Tenn. (Image 1)

Tuesday night, between two and three inches of rain fell across parts of Middle Tennessee west of Interstate 65 causing several creeks and rivers to flood some area roads.

The Harpeth River flooded several roads, such as Old Natchez Trace near Temple Road, Sneed Road and Newsom Station Road right next to Newsom Mill State Park.

The public reported a few roads along the Harpeth River near Franklin were covered in water and impassable, Del Rio Pike in particular.

The Duck River at Centerville rose, but crested after Midnight causing only minor flooding before falling below flood stage early Thursday afternoon.

In Clarksville, the Cumberland River also rose and crested just below flood stage after Midnight.

The Red River near Port Royal, affecting Montgomery and Robertson counties, was above flood stage Thursday evening and caused minor flooding, which continued through Friday.

Despite some minor inconveniences for some Wednesday, all in all, the flooding did not cause any major problems.

To check out the levels and forecasts for area creeks and rivers, click here.

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