Deputies prevent crime after inn staff spot masked men

Deputies prevent crime after inn staff spot masked men (Image 1)

After the manager of a motel in Cheatham County called police after seeing a suspicious car, authorities were able to stop what could have been a violent crime.

Wayne, the manager of Midtown Inn and Suites, called 911 after an employee saw a strange vehicle in the parking lot with three masked men inside.

The masked suspects made their way up to the second floor balcony, but were apprehended extremely fast.

“It just so happens our patrol units were sitting at the Mapco, which is about 100 yards away from the hotel,” said Lieutenant Shannon Heflin with the Cheatham County Sheriff's Office, adding, “so they responded in seconds of the 9-1-1 call coming in.”

Dispatchers stayed on the line with Wayne.  You can hear deputies on the 911 tape saying, “You on that balcony, get on your hands and knees right now!”

Lt. Heflin stated it turned out the suspects knew the intended victims.

“Possibly a debt over a car that was sold that hadn't been paid and this could have been their way of getting in there and getting their money,” he explained.

Authorities said had the men not been reported, a robbery would have occurred, and worse might have happened.

The three men, identified as Brian Christensen, Colby Carter, and Marcel Noblin, were all taken into custody.

Deputies said one of the men also had illegal drugs in his possession at the time of the crime.

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