22 geese, ducks found dead in pond

22 geese, ducks found dead in pond (Image 1)

COLUMBUS, Ohio – State officials were called to a north-side apartment complex after 22 ducks and geese were found dead in a pond.

Officers with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources responded to the Island Club apartment complex on Montego Blvd. near Bethel Road Friday afternoon.

Investigators at the scene told NBC4 that approximately 22 Canada geese, Mallard ducks, and domesticated cross breeds were found floating in the pond.

Officers collected the animals, and seed from the ground surrounding the pond for testing.

Investigators said the deaths could be potentially a criminal act if the seed was poisoned.

ODNR officials said that during cold weather, the animals will huddle closely together, and that if one of them has a disease, it can spread quickly to the others.

The investigation could also be escalated to a federal level because the birds are protected under the migratory bird act.

No other details were released, but NBC4 will update as we learn new information.

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