Skydiving accident teen overcomes odds, takes first steps

Skydiving accident teen overcomes odds, takes first steps (Image 1)

Despite life-threatening injuries, a Texas girl who fell 3,500 feet while skydiving took her first steps Monday.

On January 25 Mackenzie Wethington, 16, went to Pegasus Air Sport in Chickasha, Oklahoma with her father to celebrate her birthday.

However, the celebration quickly turned to tragedy when Wethington's parachute failed to open and she plummeted 3,500 feet.

The newly 16-year-old broke her vertebrae and shattered her pelvis which led to internal bleeding, ABC News reported.

Wethington does not remember the accident.

After spending the past week at an Oklahoma City hospital, she was transferred to Dallas's Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation, where she took her first steps since the accident.

“The injuries she's had and the way that she's recovered, I still think it's incredible,” Dr. Seema Sikka, a rehabilitation specialist at Baylor, told ABC News.

 She will continue her rehabilitation three hours every day.

Because the Wethingtons do not have healthcare, Baylor officials have agreed to provide the teenager's therapy as charity care.

The family has hired an attorney to help investigate what caused the accident. Bob Swainson, Pegasus Air Sport owner, said the cause is currently unknown.

*ABC News contributed to this story.

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