Police impersonator pulls over, robs driver in Maury County

Police impersonator pulls over, robs driver in Maury County (Image 1)

Detectives with the Maury County Sheriff's Department are looking for the person who impersonated an officer and assaulted and robbed a man last weekend.

It happened Sunday night on Old Highway 43 near the Lawrence County line.

The victim, Daniel Vansteen, told investigators he was pulled over by a car with a flashing blue light.

“He had a vehicle follow him for sometime from Lawrenceburg into Maury County,” said Detective Sgt. Ray McCluggage.”He thought it was a police officer so he pulled over.”

Vansteen says once he pulled over, a man stepped out of a car and identified himself as an undercover drug enforcement officer.

He said the man told him he was pulled over because of a faulty taillight.

“He was discussing with what he believed to be a law enforcement officer that he didn't see what was wrong with his tail lights,” said McCluggage.

Vansteen said when he turned to look at the light he was struck in the head from behind.

Sgt. McCluggage told News 2 that Vansteen “believes a second subject struck him in the head because he did have a visual on the first guy, and out of the blue somebody hit him,” McCluggage said.

Vansteen told deputies he woke up a few minutes later and saw his wallet on the ground.   He stated there was $60 inside that was stolen.

According to investigators, Vansteen believes the car was a bright yellow Chevy Camaro.

The suspect is described as a tall, thin black male.

Sgt. McCluggage hopes someone recognizes or sees the yellow Camaro and can help police locate the suspect.

In the meantime, he said drivers should be aware that someone could be targeting people traveling late at night and in secluded areas of the county.

Anyone with information should call the sheriff's department at 931-380-5733.

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