Germantown shop sees success in saving pets, youth at crossroads

Germantown shop sees success in saving pets, youth at crossroads (Image 1)

A new shop in Germantown has gone to the dogs (and cats).

Crossroads Pets: Shop and Adopt opened its doors at 707 Monroe Street nine months ago.

Since then, the operation has saved many lives.  Jordy is among them.

The 10-year-old cat is one of four felines and two canines currently living at the shop and waiting for adoption, but many have come before them.

“We're close to hitting our 100 animal mark. We're two away. Our next trip to Metro, we'll hit that 100,” said Adoption Coordinator Delores Carter.

Crossroads Campus, as it's called, takes in cats and dogs that are at the end of their stay with Metro Animal Care and Control (MACC).

“Many of them would be euthanized, and it's not that they're not worthy (or) that there's something wrong with them. This is really a space issue,” Carter said.

In May 2013, those with the start-up business had big plans to use retail to bring together animals in need of a home and kids in need of guidance.

In addition to the partnership with MACC, Crossroads works with Monroe Harding, an agency that provides services for youth who are in foster care or who have aged out of foster care. The two partnerships provide a path to work-readiness, social responsibility, and self-improvement through pet care.

Much like the animals, the youth are considered to be at a crossroad between homelessness and prosperity.

“They see so many parallels between themselves and the animals,” said Executive Director Lisa Stetar. “And at the same time, they're empowered by knowing they have something to give and they can help save a life.”

In the last nine months, six at-risk youth have helped care for 88 animals that have been adopted to forever homes.

The program is working.

“It's been a great 9 months,” exclaimed Stetar. “We've still got a long way to go and lots of goals that we want to grow toward, but I'd say for 9 months, the adoption program and the job training program have really exceeded our expectations.”

Retail sales, donations, and volunteers help fund everything from cat condos to dog dinners at Crossroads.

Recently, the shop was selected to partner with Happy reTales, a well-known pet supply store in Brentwood.  The new partnership will provide an exchange of funding, mentoring, and volunteering, and it will allow Crossroads to continue to grow.

“We're getting ready to do another expansion where our dogs will have a much, much better opportunity to have some exercise and stuff like that. So we're very excited about that,” said Barbara Lonardi, Program Director.

Crossroads Pets: Shop and Adopt will celebrate its one year anniversary on May 10.

For more information on shopping, adopting, donating, or volunteering, visit the Crossroads Campus Web site.

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