Metro schools left with 2 snow days after canceling class Monday

Metro-Nashville Public Schools only has two built-in snow days left available in the 2013-14 school year.

MNPS used a snow day and canceled class on Monday after weather forecasts called for snow and ice accumulation overnight.

However, when the sun came up Monday morning, there was no accumulation.

MNPS Chief Operating Officer Fred Carr told News 2 the decision came Sunday after a conference call with the National Weather Service.

Carr said his decision was meant to keep students and employees safe.

“You're not standing here asking me about a bus accident or a bus in a ditch,” Carr said. “And I'm very comfortable with that.”

The free snow day comes in the wake of Atlanta's debacle last week, where school wasn't canceled in time and a transportation nightmare ensued.

MNPS officials said the situation in Atlanta didn't change the decision-making process here, but it highlights the importance of making a decision early.

“I guess that's where Atlanta played into it,” said Carr. “We wanted to make sure that all of the Metro departments were on the same page, schools, police [and] fire.”

If MNPS uses more than the remaining two built-in snow days, school officials will have to decide where time can be made up.

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