Update on Sunday Night-Monday Morning Wintry Mix

First off, expect only a cold rain during the daytime hours of Sunday with temperatures falling into the mid to upper 30s.

There will be lots of Super Bowl parties going on tonight, so here's what to expect:

In Nashville, and most of the Metro area including Murfreesboro we expect this to be mostly a rain event with a few flurries in the morning, BUT temperatures between midnight and sunrise should fall below freezing.

That means that wet roads could freeze and develop some slick spots for Monday morning's rush hour commute (especially bridges and overpasses).  By 10am temps should be back above freezing.

In places like Clarksville, Dover, Paris, Erin, Hopkinsville, & Springfield we have a better chance of seeing an accumulating snow of possibly 1-3″.  However, this could begin as freezing rain before changing to snow.

In the northwest counties, that could start any time after dark, say from 5pm on.  Roads could become slick from that time onward.

Southern counties will see mostly rain.

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