Man robs woman he met on dating Web site at gunpoint

Man robs woman he met on dating Web site at gunpoint (Image 1)

A man is facing aggravated robbery charges after police said he robbed a woman at gunpoint that he met on a dating Web site.

According to arrest records, James Nelson, 29, met the victim on

The two met in person initially and then Nelson texted the woman asking to come to her Nashboro Village Apartment for dinner on January 19.

Police said he arrived at the woman's apartment for dinner and as they were about to eat he pulled a gun on her.

“He thought maybe because it was a chat line she wouldn't report it,” Lt. John Drake with Hermitage Precinct investigations said.

Lt. Drake said Nelson threatened to shoot the woman.  He went through the victim's bedroom, stole her bank cards and then stole her car.  

Nelson was identified after the victim picked him out of a photo lineup.

He was arrested Thursday night in Madison and booked on felony aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

Nelson has a lengthy criminal history, including multiple convictions for felony theft, vehicle theft and robbery.

“I would imagine this is not his first time [to use a dating site to victimize],” Lt. Drake said. “He felt pretty eager and didn't anticipate any problem in doing this crime.”

Police said there have been other instances where people were attacked by people they met on dating Web sites.

“You can't say that one chat line is better than another,” Lt. Drake said. “A lot of people are targeting people who feel lonely and those are the ones who are the most vulnerable so take your time, get to know the person and meet in a public place, that's a good start.”

Anyone who may have been victimized by Nelson is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME or police at 615-880-1776.

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