Springfield couple blames high propane prices on gouging

Springfield couple blames high propane prices on gouging (Image 1)

A Springfield couple thinks they're being gouged on propane prices.

Rachel Terry and her husband moved to Robertson County last year.

The Terry's called Cumberland River Propane in Springfield 10 days ago when they noticed their tank was low.

They say the company told them it would be seven to 10 days before a delivery could be made and they would only fill up half the tank.

That delivery still hasn't come, and they say the price has more than doubled.

When they first got propane delivered in October, the price was about $1.34 per gallon. Last week, they say a gallon of propane would cost $3.99.

News 2 reached out to Cumberland River Propane by phone. A woman who answered the call referred us to a corporate hotline and our message had not been returned by Wednesday night.

“We have good jobs,” said Rachel Terry. “We can pay for our heat. But to think about having a $900 heat bill for just a few weeks, I don't think we can do that.”

Meanwhile, the Terry's have six electric space heaters scattered throughout their home.

When News 2's cameras were there Wednesday evening, the temperature inside was about 46 degrees.

An industry expert in Nashville told News 2 the prices have been rising slightly lately, due to strains in the transportation system.

He also said his company had not let any customers run out of propane during the current cold snap.

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