TE Delanie Walker says ‘cancers’ killed Titans season

Titans tight end Delanie Walker said six or seven “cancers” were the reason Tennessee came up short in 2013 and why former head coach Mike Munchak lost his job.

Walker talked about a “cancer” in the locker room at the end of the season, but did not mention names then and he also came up short of naming names today during a radio interview on the Midday 180.

“Some of the guys that was the cancer, they really didn't care,” Walker said. “They'd be happy to get up on out from the organization.”

“You would hear them talk about it, 'I can't wait to get up on out of here.' And I always told the guys, 'If you can't play here, what do you think you are going to do with another team?'”

Walker went on to say that Munchak told him he knew what the problem was, but he did not want Walker mentioning them by name.

The Titans started 3-1, but lost eight of their next 10 games.  During that time Walker said it became obvious who cared about the organization and who did not.

Walker also stressed in his second season he will feel much better about calling out players by name.

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