Students brave cold classrooms as temperatures drop

Students brave cold classrooms as temperatures drop (Image 1)

Metro-Nashville Public Schools are still working to resolve heating issues in classrooms across the district.

As students were dismissed from Tusculum Elementary School Tuesday afternoon, an announcement reminded students to bundle up.

“It's very, very cold outside,” students heard over the intercom. “So make sure you have your coats on, your hats on, your gloves and mittens on, your scarves on, and you're all zipped up,”

But many of the children had been bundled up all day.

Some classrooms, lunchrooms and libraries scattered across the district are colder than normal as the temperatures keep dipping.

At Tusculum Elementary, students were moved from colder sections of the school into areas that were warmer. The cafeteria was also without heat.

Jill Hazer, whose son is a first grader at Tusculum Elementary, said she's worried about her son sitting in a cold school.

“If he's cold, shivering, he won't be able to focus,” Hazer said.

Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register told News 2 crews are working around the clock to fix the heating in classrooms.

“Our buildings really aren't engineered for five degree weather,” said Register. “For the most part, we feel like we've been able to operate very well in unusual circumstances.”

Currently, the district only has 15 technicians on its HVAC crew to maintain heating in schools.

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