Tennessee family moves to Denver for legalized marijuana

Tennessee family moves to Denver for legalized marijuana (Image 1)

A Tennessee family moved 1,300 miles away just for legalized marijuana.

The Koozer family was native to Tennessee but moved to Denver, Colorado in August so their two-year-old daughter could receive marijuana for treatment of a rare genetic disorder.

Piper Koozer suffers from Aicardi Syndrome, which means she's missing tissue that connects both sides of her brain.

The family says their move has changed their lives.

“It's really neat for her to be able to see. It's like a fog has been lifted,” said Justin Koozer, Piper's father.
Piper has been a big sister for one week, but her father said before she began taking medicinal marijuana, she wouldn't have understood the addition to her family.

Piper used to have several seizures a day. Now, with the help of a special strain of marijuana, she is able to lead a more normal life.

“Charlotte's Web is a strain of marijuana that contains very little THC, which is the only psychoactive ingredient, so with Charlotte's Web, there is no ‘high,'” said Koozer.

The family tried eight other medications before considering medical marijuana. Piper's medicine is liquid and distributed by dropper.

A bill introduced last week could make Tennessee the 21st state to legalize medicinal marijuana to help patients like Piper.

Koozer says he hopes legislation will help people understand the “very real” benefits.

“Anyone who is opposed, I think, should look at our family [and] what we've had to go through. We moved 1,300 miles across the country to try an option that was built on just hopes and dreams, but let's be honest. It's working,” said Koozer.

The Koozers are unable to visit family and friends in Tennessee because crossing state lines with Piper's medicine could be considered a federal offense.

The family said even if marijuana is legalized in the Volunteer State they are happy to call Denver home.

WTVC News contributed to this report.

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