Residents worry freezing temps may leave them without fire protection

Cottage Grove, Goodlettsville

GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Some Goodlettsville neighbors are worried freezing temperatures could leave them without fire protection if pipes burst.

Folks living in the Cottage Grove subdivision already lost water to 26 units and had 17 water meters freeze during the cold snap earlier this month.Cottage Grove, Goodlettsville

“I lost water for a week in the house because the pipes were frozen,” Kathy Norkus said. “I hadn’t even lived there a month when that happened.”

Now, neighbors worry the freezing temperatures expected overnight will again freeze pipes including the pipes that supply water to fire sprinklers in their condos.

One neighbor’s sprinkler system burst Sunday sending water throughout the home.

A neighbor who did not want to be identified said she placed a heater in her garage to help keep the pipes from freezing.

“We are afraid if they freeze up and there is a fire we are not going to have that protection,” Norkus said.

Monday, News 2 found a water meter had broken and was spraying water in front of another home. The homeowner was not home at the time.

Norkus told News 2 that scenario worries her.Cottage Grove, Goodlettsville

“I am really afraid since I work all day long and no one is at the house that something is going to burst,” Norkus said.

Norkus said she is taking precautions to protect her pipes.

“We are trying to raise the heat, which is going to cause us to have higher bills,” she said. “We have the water dripping now, but I don’t think that is going to help us for the sprinkler alarm system.”

She continued, “All of us are new to that and we don’t know what to do we are just trying to figure that all out.”

Goodlettsville codes officials told News 2 sprinkler system pipes in attacks should have insulation blown around them and if the sprinkler system is pressurized with air the homeowner should make sure all the water is drained from the pipes following any tests to the system.

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