Another Arctic Blast This Week

Another severe arctic blast is on the way for Monday morning.  Only flurries, mostly east, are expected with this front. Once again, the severe cold will be the issue.

This will be the third time this season that we will see single digit temperatures for lows (possibly below 0 temps north & east Mid TN).

The top graphic shows how cold this air mass was as it crossed the U.S. border this (Sunday) morning.

The third and fourth are the GFS models forecast for surface temps Tuesday and Wednesday morning (single digits).

Wind chills on Monday should be in the teens.

Wind chills on Tuesday morning could be near -20.

This time we should stay below freezing from early Monday morning until near midday on Thursday.

We all know the drill on our pipes already, and if they survived the previous two severe cold snaps, they will probably survive this one.

However, do you have a cold weather kit in your car?  Extra blankets, gloves, hats, etc. could be a life saver if stranded.  And keep that cell phone charged.  Cold weather will wear the battery down quickly if you are stuck in the cold.

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