One Gen Away mission distributes 17,000 pounds of food

One Gen Away mission distributes 17,000 pounds of food (Image 1)

Hundreds of families in need received food donations from the group One Generation Away, also known as One Gen Away this weekend.

The mission hosted a food drive in Columbia on Saturday morning where organizers talked about how they are working to change lives.

“One in four children go hungry, one in six of our middle population here in Tennessee don't know where their next meal will come from,” said Chris Whitney, Food Drive Director and Founder.

One Gen Away is a non-profit organization that feeds people across the United States.

Members teamed up with churches and volunteers in Columbia on Saturday and together they gave away more than 17,000 pounds of food.

“We had a big truck, an 18-wheeler and we unloaded all the food on the tables and people came through with buggies and just picked up the food,” said Jalen Anderson.

More than 230 families filled up shopping carts with fruits, vegetables, drinks and snacks.

Whitney said he hopes the small act of kindness will go a long way.

“You look across the table at someone and say that could be me and you see how grateful they are and how thankful they are, and you just go, man, there is hope,” said Whitney.

Last year food directors said they failed to reach their goal to feed one million people in just two days but hope events like this Saturday's will help.

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