Knoxville waitress receives $1,075 tip

Knoxville waitress receives $1,075 tip (Image 1)

A Knoxville waitress says she is still in shock after receiving the tip of a lifetime.

Khadijah Muhammad devotes her life to service on and off the job. When she's not working as a server at Cheddar's she's making homemade pies, soup, muffins and serving it to the homeless on her own.

“And I'll stop and say hey, you want some soup? You want a hot cup of soup?” said Muhammad.

All that service stopped this month when Muhammad's mother in Ohio had a heart attack.

“And all I wanted was to see my mother one more time,” said Muhammad.

She saw her mom and helped her pull through but Muhammad missed a lot of work and did not make enough to pay her bills. She even got notice her utility service would be shut off.

Still, she went to work on Wednesday and delivered service with a smile.

“This one table sat down, a man and woman. They had a small child. The father ordered a country steak. The mother and son split a fish taco. They were really humble people. They signed their receipt but it was turned upside down. Normally as a server when a receipt is turned upside down it means you didn't get a good tip,” said Muhammad.

When Muhammad turned over the receipt, it turned her life upside down.

“I just lost my balance and I was like, does this say a thousand dollars?” said Muhammad.
The tip left was $1, 075 along with a note.

“It says Jesus blessed us and we were led to give it to you. God Bless. What I'm thinking now is I believe it,” said Muhammad.

Muhammad says she has no idea who the generous tippers are, but she knows what she wants to tell them.

“Thank them, thank them so much, because I'm humbled. I'm grateful. I do believe that God led you to me at this time in my life. But I hope and pray that someday I'm able to do this for somebody. And at the first opportunity I will do it,” said Muhammad.

According to reports Saturday, the couple's inspiration came from a news report about a couple wanting to help the grumpiest waitress they could find by leaving a surprise tip.

They were thrilled to hear Muhammad was so blessed.

The couple said they were unsure how to designate the money they budgeted for their monthly tithing.

The family recently sold their home and her husband received a bonus at work. They used the biblical formula, which is 10%, to come up with the amount.

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