Car fire spreads to hillside

Car fire spreads to hillside (Image 1)

Nashville firefighters battled the elements and tough terrain after a car fire spread to a hillside in northwestern Davidson County early Saturday morning.

Firefighters responded to the scene in the 4700 block Sulphur Creek Road just after Midnight and quickly called for backup.

At least 10 engines responded and crews spend hours battling the flames.
The district fire chief on the scene told News 2 the fire spread at least 300 yards up the hillside.

He said firefighters weren't able to use hoses to put out the fire, so they resorted to shovels, rakes, chain saws and various other tools.
Firefighters also had to climb a steep grade to get access to the flames.

In addition to sub-freezing temperatures, crews were concerned about the wind fueling the fire even further.

The fire was under control by 4 a.m., although crews remained on the scene tending to hotspots.

There was no sign of the driver of the car when initial crews arrived, and police are now investigating.

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