Parents complain of heating issue at McGavock High School

Parents complain of heating issue at McGavock High School (Image 1)

Some parents of McGavock High School students are angry because they said the heating system in the school is not working well enough to keep all of the classrooms warm.

Friday morning, students called their parents asking to be picked up from school because it was so cold in class that they could not concentrate.

“When I first got there it was just unbelievably cold,” freshman Gage Meadows said. “I was in three layers of clothes and I was still freezing.”

Meadows told News 2 that other students were also bundled up in his classes, yet they were still cold because the classrooms were not heated.

“With it being that cold I was not able to focus,” he said. “I was focused on keeping warm in the school.”

Meadows contacted his mother, Tia Brooks, who called the school to find out why it was so cold in her son's classrooms.

“I called the main office and talked to Ms. Thomas and she said she was aware that they have had issues for about two weeks,” Brooks said. “I asked them if it was cold why, didn't they move them to another room or to the gym.”

Brooks said after she did not get satisfactory answers from the school she called central office to talk to the maintenance department.

“I was told there are 18 technicians for the whole school district and it is on a priority basis,” she said. “Well my son is a priority and all the kids at McGavock are a priority.”

She continued, “I am outraged.”

When contacted by News 2, Metro schools said there was not a widespread heating issue at McGavock, but the heating system has an ongoing issue with its air handlers.

According to school officials, the air handlers move air through the school building to heat the building. Because they are not working properly there are parts of the school not being heated to acceptable levels.

The ninth-grade wing of the school where Meadows has his classes is affected by the air handler issue.

Metro schools said they are not sure when the problem will be fixed, but the school level administrators are addressing students concerns about the heat.

Brooks said McGavock High School administrators told her that if she picked her son up early from school he would be given an unexcused absence.

She wants the issues with the heat fixed before next week when temperatures are expected to be in the single digits on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“I am not going to send him Monday if we are going to have the same temperatures,” Brooks said. “I will go in front of the school board for the days he has to miss because it's due to them not heating the school properly.”

Later Metro schools told News 2 that the executive principal of McGavock High School decided to allow excused absences to the students who were checked out of school early Friday.

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