Flu season hits more than just humans

Flu season hits more than just humans (Image 1)

Flu season is in full swing and humans aren't the only ones at risk for getting the virus.

Our four-legged furry friends can fall ill from the flu too.

“Dogs have their own form of flu. It's called Canine Influenza,” explained Dr. Craig Prior with the Murphy Road Animal Hospital.

Canine flu symptoms are similar to the human flu.

“Typically, bad respiratory type signs, high fever and coughing,” said Dr. Prior.

Dr. Prior added it's not likely your dog will get the flu from you.

“There are a few reported cases, but the risk is very, very low,” he said.

If a dog does come down with the canine flu he can't pass it to his owner, according to experts.

Dr. Prior suggests keeping some distance between you and your pet if you are sick.

“I think the big take home is if you do have the flu, I probably wouldn't have your pet all over you. We just want to decrease that risk,” said Dr. Prior.

While canine flu has hit several states, Tennessee is not one of them.

There is a vaccine for the dog flu.

Pets like cats and ferrets are more susceptible to the human flu.

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