Electricity back on for hundreds who lost service

Electricity is back on for hundreds of Nashville Electric Service customers who lost service during this frigid weather.

Our viewers expressed outrage at the power company's decision to leave its customers in the cold.

Nashville resident, Dee Staten is behind on her bills.

The single mother of two works six days a week but a recent injury set her back.

“I hurt a tendon in my foot and I was out of work for two weeks. Really that was a snow ball effect,” said Staten.

Staten was living pay check to pay check. She said panic set in Wednesday when NES turned off her electricity, along with many other customers behind on their bills.

“Where are we going to sleep tonight? That was the main concern. I didn't want to have to be in the cold with my children,” said Staten.

Friday, Staten had new hope.

“I just pray that something will give and I'll be able to pay it, or something will give,” said Staten.

After we shared Staten's story, a News 2 viewer sent us this email:

I would like to pay the electric bill for the woman in your piece tonight– Dee Staten.  I am not sure how to go about it without an address.  Can you help me facilitate this?  I'd prefer just to do it anonymously if possible.  Any assistance would be much appreciated!

The News 2 viewer, who asked us to conceal her identity paid Staten's electric bill in full, $339.39.

“If you would thank her. I would appreciate that so much. That is a blessing,” said Staten.

Now she looks forward to telling her children that someone with a big heart helped her family get back on track.

“I will tell them that we received a great blessing. When they get home, they will rejoice as well,” said Staten.

Staten said she will pay it forward and help another person recovering from a tough time.

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