Additional AMP meeting scheduled to accommodate more attendees

Additional AMP meeting scheduled to accommodate more attendees (Image 1)

So many people attended last week's AMP meeting that MTA officials planned another meeting to accommodate more citizens.

Last Thursday, some residents walked into the meeting just to turn around and leave because of the huge crowds and limited space. At certain points, people couldn't get in the door.

The extra meeting will be held on Monday, February 4, at 5:30 p.m. at Cohn Adult Learning Center, located at 4805 Park Avenue in the Sylvan Park neighborhood of West Nashville.

Project Manager Mark Sturtevant said the meeting will specifically address design issues and concerns on the route between I-440 and the terminus at St. Thomas West. Maps of all portions will be available.

“This is another opportunity for folks who missed the prior four meetings to let us know where conflicts and concerns are,” Sturtevant said.

More than 1,250 people attended the January 13-16 workshops.

Issues mentioned at meetings included traffic circulation and congestion, bike access, left turns and U-turns, traffic during construction, and the location of park-and-rides, among others.

Sturtevant said project engineers will spend the next two months working through the comments and input received to begin refining designs and addressing issues before holding a second round of meetings in March to discuss progress.

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