Woman gives birth to baby on sled

Woman gives birth to baby on sled (Image 1)
Woman gives birth to baby on sled (Image 1)

A woman gave birth to her baby girl on a sled in 14 inches of snow in Philadelphia Wednesday morning.

Shirley Kim Bonanni awoke early Wednesday morning with contractions.

She showered and prepared to drive to the hospital while her husband, Fabian Bonanni, called his parents and readied the family car.

“We thought we had plenty of time to go to the hospital,” Bonanni told ABC affiliate WPVI.

However, Bonanni's contractions began to quicken, and she could no longer walk to the car.

Her husband decided to push her to the car on a sled when the situation escalated.

While remaining on the sled, Bonanni went into labor around 6 a.m., WPVI reports.

Fabian Bonanni delivered his own healthy baby girl, Bella Sophia, in the middle of a 3 degree snowstorm.

Neighbor, George Leader, called 911 during the event, and EMTs eventually arrived at the house to take mother and child to the hospital.

Both are said to be in good condition.

*ABC News and WPVI contributed to this report.

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