Titans hire defensive line coach

Titans hire defensive line coach (Image 1)

Giff Smith is the Tennessee Titans new defensive line coach.  

Smith has 22 years of coaching experience, but only three in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills. 

He coached seven seasons at Georgia Tech where he coached Titans defensive end Derrick Morgan.

“What I really liked about Giff was his versatility with the defensive line, he has done both 3-4 and 4-3, which means he is flexible enough to adapt and yet still get good production out of his players,” said Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt. “I know from having to play against him two years ago what a difficult challenge it was facing that group and how well he handled them. So we are excited to get Giff here to work with our defensive line.”

Smith said, “As a coach, I believe in execution of the defensive plan and being technique-oriented. I am aggressive in style, I believe in pressuring the quarterback and being physical against the run. I believe you can continue to develop players – whether it is college or the pros. Kyle Williams hadn't been to a Pro Bowl and we were able to get him to his first two. I am looking forward to working with Derrick Morgan again and keep improving his game.”

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