School peeping suspect prompts lawmakers to consider change in law

School peeping suspect prompts lawmakers to consider change in law (Image 1)

The arrest of a now former elementary school janitor on allegations of peeping into a student bathroom has prompted Williamson County lawmakers to consider a change in state law.

“We want to make it a felony for someone to do what he's accused of doing,” State Senator Jack Johnson told News 2. “And if a person is convicted, add them to the Sexual Offender Registry.”

On Wednesday, the case against 48-year-old Victor Alvarado was bound over to the Williamson County Grand Jury.

Shortly after prosecutors say he was caught hiding in a crawlspace above a girl's bathroom at Scales Elementary on January 10, Alvarado was fired from his job at the school with the custodial firm GCA that contracts with Williamson County.

Even though Alvarado continues to be held in the Williamson County Jail on a $75,000 bond, Alvarado is charged only with “observation without consent,” a misdemeanor.

A week ago, Scales Elementary parent Tammy Myers told News 2 that Alvarado should face a “greater charge” than just a misdemeanor and “his name should be put on a sex registry.

Myers had filed a complaint against the former janitor last year after a series of incidents like singing Justin Bieber songs to her daughter, sweeping a broom over the child's feet and telling her “she had a hot mama.”

Last Friday, top Williamson County officials and parents at Scales Elementary met to consider ways to toughen penalties for cases like Alvarado's, like making it a felony and putting names of those convicted of such crimes on the sex registry.

“There was clear unanimity within the folks in that room that those two things should happen,” Senator Johnson told News 2.

Any change in the law would not affect the case against Alvarado.

Among those at the meeting last Friday were Williamson County Director of Schools Mike Looney and Sheriff Jeff Long.

Sen. Johnson said Sheriff Long is helping to write the first draft of the bill.

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