Now Let’s Talk About The Cold!

Although we experienced a colder air mass earlier this month when we dropped to 2° on January 7th, this upcoming cold spell will last longer.  During that first event we were below freezing for a little over 60 hours, or about 2 & 1/2 days.

This morning (Tuesday) we dropped below freezing between 9 & 10am, and don't expect to get back above 32° until Saturday around 10am.

That will be 4 days at or below freezing.

This morning's cold front was the first in a pair that we will experience this week.  Temperatures dropped from mid to upper 30s this morning to low to mid 20s this afternoon.

After barely reaching 32° tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday), the second and stronger front will push through Wednesday night likely dropping us into single digits Friday morning.

Highs will be in the 20s Friday afternoon.

Pipes that did not freeze earlier this month could freeze this time around.

It would be a good idea to once again open sink cabinet doors to let the warm air in, and let faucets drip for plumbing that runs up outside walls or through unprotected crawl space.

Also, if you have not prepared a cold weather kit for your car including extra coats, blankets, gloves, heating pads, you should.  It's no fun getting stuck in the cold, and could even be life threatening.

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