Dog, owner stabbed in Antioch

Dog, owner stabbed in Antioch (Image 1)

Metro police are searching for a man after he reportedly stabbed a man and his dog in Antioch.

The victim, Jacob Campbell, 24, spoke exclusively with News 2 about the terrorizing ordeal.

Campbell reported he went outside his home on Weatherstone Cove West around Midnight Tuesday to have a cigarette.

He frantically ran to the backyard after hearing his dog Chevelle, a German Shepard mix, yelping. Once he turned the corner, Campbell noticed an intruder stabbing his dog.

“I see him with his hand up and a knife in it coming down on my dog,” said Campbell.

Campbell then tackled the suspect to the ground.

During the scuffle, Campbell was stabbed in his left shoulder.

The suspect then fled on foot.

“I jumped up and scooped up Chevelle and brought her inside and grabbed some towels and some gauze and put pressure on it made sure she was alright,” Campbell recalled.

The dog was transported to a veterinary clinic and the man was transported to a nearby hospital.

Their injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Police searched the area for around two hours with K9s, but never located the suspect.

Campbell said he plans to add extra security devices throughout his property  

“My dogs are my kids,” said Campbell.

Detectives are pursuing a few leads.

Anyone in the area who may have information is urged to contact Metro police at 615-862-8600.

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