Middle Tenn. health departments run out of flu shot

(Photo: WKRN)

Many Middle Tennessee health departments have run out of the flu vaccination, including Metro-Nashville, Rutherford and Sumner counties.

On Monday, Nashville's News 2 went searching to find out where the vaccine is still available locally.

Many pharmacies, doctor's offices and mini-clinics all said they still have plenty of the vaccination on-hand.

“We have plenty supply in our office,” said Dr. Jamie Slandzicki, a physician with Williamson County Medical Group. “We've given out several, but we are well stocked for the rest of the year.”

Walgreens pharmacy and The Little Clinic, located in many Kroger stores, also told News 2 they had plenty of vaccine in stock.

News reports of serious influenza cases leading to emergency room visits, hospitalizations and even death contribute to a larger than normal number of people seeking the shot this year.  

“On a daily basis we have several, most of the time we have patients coming in and asking for them during their regular appointment, but we do have some dropping in asking for the shot,” Slandzicki said.

He also added that he had not heard of any shortage of this year's vaccine.

The Centers for Disease Control issued a report that places Tennessee in the “widespread” flu activity group.

As many as 13 people have died from the flu in Middle Tennessee so far this year.

The cost of a flu shot averages around $25.

Many insurance companies cover the cost of flu shots, though patients may be responsible for a co-pay.

Wilson and Montgomery counties health departments reported Friday they still have some flu vaccines in stock. Those shots will be given for free on a first come, first serve basis.

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