Meth lab discovered in car at Hopkinsville McDonald’s

Dad arrested for taking infant son to drug deal (Image 1)

A Hopkinsville McDonald's was closed for several hours Monday after a meth lab was discovered inside a car.

The discovery was made at the fast food restaurant located on North Drive after officers were called to the scene for a welfare check.

Upon their arrival officers found a woman slumped over a 1995 Pathfinder parked in a handicapped parking spot.

Police knocked on the vehicle's window, which was still running, in an effort to get the driver's attention.

The driver of the SUV looked up only after officers cut a nylon rope that was tied to the door, holding it shut.

After opening the door, police detected a strong odor of Ether, an ingredient used to make meth, coming from the vehicle.

Police also discovered a trash bag filled with starting fluid cans and other components used to make the illegal drug.  

Two grams of meth and two glass pipes were found in driver Jennifer Cunningham-Hadden's purse.

Cunningham-Hadden was taken into police custody and faces multiple drug charges.

McDonald's was closed from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. after the meth lab was discovered for the public's safety.

The restaurant has since returned to normal business hours.

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