Dash cam video captures Texas officer playing catch with boy

Dash cam video captures Texas officer playing catch with boy (Image 1)

Dash cam of a Texas police officer playing a game of catch with a little boy is gaining national attention.

Sgt. Ariel Soltura was on patrol Saturday afternoon in Rosenberg, Texas, about 35 miles outside Houston, when he spotted a boy throwing around a football by himself.

“I saw he was throwing up a football, and I could tell he was playing by himself,” Soltura told KTRK-TV. “He didn't have anybody to play with. He wasn't just waiting for more kids to arrive.”

When he stopped, Soltura said the young boy's face lit up.

“At that time, he and I both connected. We began to throw the football. You can see that I'm obviously trying to get him to go along, and so we're just playing a game of catch, and it was awesome,” he said.

The Rosenberg Police Department posted the dash cam video of the quick football game on their Facebook page Saturday writing, “While a two minute game of football might not mean anything, to some it could mean everything! #ReachThemBeforeTheWolvesDo.”

The video has since been shared more than 5,000 times.

“It was cool that the public got to see what police officers do on a daily basis,” Soltura told KTRK-TV.

He continued, “If we see a kid kicking the can, they want us to go out there and replace that can with a ball, and hopefully we've made an impact on these kids' futures for the rest of their lives.”

Despite the video gaining national attention, Soltura says he was just doing his job.

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