Woman arrested in online dating robbery scam

Woman arrested in online dating robbery scam (Image 1)

Metro police arrested a woman Saturday night for allegedly robbing on a man on their first date.

According to a police affidavit, 20-year-old Roxanne Stewart met a man on the free dating Web site called Plenty of Fish.

The victim told police he picked Stewart up for their date and she was accompanied by a male friend.

The victim then drove them to Skyview Apartments on Susannah Court in west Nashville where two other suspects were waiting outside an apartment.

One of the suspects reportedly pulled a gun and demanded the victim's money, jewelry, and cell phone.

During the robbery, the man tried to wrestle a gun from the suspects, causing the gun to discharge three times.  No one was injured.

Police say Stewart then fled with the suspects.

The victim then drove back to where he picked Stewart up and called police after witnessing her outside the other suspects.

However, when police arrived, Stewart was the only one inside.  She allegedly admitted to officers she had set the victim up.

Stewart was charged with aggravated robbery.

The man in possession of the handgun was later identified as Mario Winslow, however police ran the name and were unable to find any matches.

The search for the gunman and the two other suspects is ongoing.

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