Environmental group concerned about condition of Harpeth River

Environmental group concerned about condition of Harpeth River (Image 1)

An environmental group is concerned about the conditions of the Harpeth River.

The Harpeth River Watershed Association is threatening to take legal action against the City of Franklin, Berry's Chapel Utility Inc. and Cartwright Creek LLC treatment plants.

The group inspected five years of records which it says turned up thousands of violations.

Details are outlined in a 22-page report and include pollutants in the river, problems related to documentation and raw sewage, to name a few.

“This is a formal procedure of say heads up there are these problems. If you don't resolve them you certainly risk being in court and having to have a judge to take care of it,” said HRWA Executive Director, Dorie Bolze.

Franklin City Administrator Eric Stuckey has concerns with the claims and believes some of them may be inaccurate.

“We air on the side of reporting anything that could be an issue just to make sure it's out there, so in a way we feel that's been used against us,” Stuckey told Nashville's News 2.

Stuckey says the same information has been shared with regulators during the five year time period but there's never been any enforcement action around them.

“It's stuff that's a one day duration. We find it, we correct it and we fix it,” said Stuckey.

The Watershed Association says if the problems it found aren't fixed in 60 days the three entities could face a lawsuit.

The City of Franklin is working on a detailed response to the report.

A spokesperson with the Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation said the department is aware of the claims and plans to do a thorough review.

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