Bounty hunters force veteran on ground before realizing wrong address

Bounty hunters force veteran on ground before realizing wrong address (Image 1)

A veteran is looking for answers after he says bounty hunters forced him to the ground while accusing him of harboring a felon before they realized they went to the wrong address by mistake.

Gene Travis told Nashville's News 2 Investigates he stepped out of his Bethpage home off of Highway 31 to smoke a cigarette on January 8.

Suddenly, the 62-year-old victim said a man barks orders from the darkness and within seconds the Air Force veteran says a targeting laser struck him in the chest.

Travis said he was then forced to the ground, which was not only terrifying, but painful for the man who has undergoing multiple knee and back surgeries.

“I thought I was gone,” he said. “I got concerned about my life and the life of my wife.”

Travis said the men holding him to the ground were dressed in black and did not identify themselves, however the bounty hunters were continually accusing him of harboring a felon who according to them, was hiding in a barn making methamphetamines.

Travis said he repeatedly told the bounty hunters that he didn't know the man they were searching for and that no one was in his barn.

After several frightening minutes the bounty hunters leave and a week later Travis said the owner of the bond company calls him to apologize for the mistake. Travis, however said the apology is too little, too late.

“It's not good enough for me that any private citizen like the bonding company can hire thugs and go out and terrorize people like that,” he said.

Nashville's News 2 Investigates called the Sumner County bonding company involved in the incident and was told, “No comment.”

Agents also asked News 2 to leave after visiting the business.

No charges have been filed. The Sumner County Sheriff's Department has interviewed all parties involved and the file has been turned over to the Sumner County District Attorney who has not reviewed the case yet.

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