Man found with $153K cash inside bag at airport

Man found with $153K cash inside bag at airport (Image 1)

A man carrying $153,000 in cash at a local airport was arrested and is now facing charges of money laundering.

Airport officers became suspicious when Conor Guckian paid $20,000 in cash to book a private jet from Nashville to California on Monday.

A K9 was called to the airport to conduct an air sniff of the money Guckian, 33, used to pay for the flight, and the dog alerted to the presence of narcotics.

An officer then waited for Guckian to arrive for his departure. Guckian then agreed to a search of his bag, where authorities found $153,000 in cash.

The K9 again alerted on the presence of drugs within the bag, and noted the bills were wrapped in 32 bundles with rubber bands, which is consistent with that of drug proceeds.

Guckian reported to police he was taking the private jet to California to purchase gold.

He stated he felt the large sum of money would be safer on a private jet as opposed to a commercial airline, but authorities learned he had travelled via commercial airlines from New York to Chicago, then Chicago to Nashville.

According to an affidavit, Guckian first stated he came to Nashville to see a friend on his way to California, but later stated the sole reason was to get a cheaper flight.

He refused to give the name of the friend he was visiting.

Police stated Guckian also admitted he structured money in his bank accounts to be under $10,000 to avoid government detection, and that he was previously arrested in New York for possession for resale of cocaine.

Guckian was charged with money laundering and booked into the Metro jail on $10,000 bond.

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