Residents seeing high electric bills after cold snap

Residents seeing high electric bills after cold snap (Image 1)

Even after the bitter cold snap has ended, residents are receiving a bitter reminder in the mail.

Residents are seeing sky-high utility bills thanks to the sudden changes in temperature since winter began.

A Facebook group called “Clarksville Residents for Fair Utility Practices” has gained more than 150 followers since it was started two days ago.

Maricella Light started the page after her last two electric bills came in at upwards of $300.

She noticed her bill was more than double the normal cost and says her friends are also seeing high electric bills from the Clarksville Department of Electricity (CDE).

“Generally we don't set aside double the amount that we normally pay,” Light said. “And with Christmas just passing, it's really hard to come up with that money.”

An official with CDE said it's not uncommon to see increased utility bills this time of year.

Overall, electricity bills in Clarksville were an average of 30 percent higher from Thanksgiving to Christmas this season.

The worst part? Most customers still haven't been billed from the frigid, near-zero-degree temperatures we saw earlier in the week.

More information about energy costs can be found by clicking here.

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