Elementary school janitor arrested for peeping on students

Elementary school janitor arrested for peeping on students (Image 1)

A janitor at a Williamson County elementary school has been arrested for allegedly hiding in the ceiling and peeping on young girls in the bathroom.

Williamson County deputies arrested 48-year old Victor Alvarado late Friday night.

The janitor at Scales Elementary School was found hiding in the crawlspace above the ceiling in the girl's restroom on Friday.

Investigators also found misplaced ceiling tiles in other female restrooms throughout the building, including a faculty restroom.

More than 500 parents attended a meeting regarding the situation Friday evening.

Nashville's News 2 spoke with one of Alvarado's neighbors Tuesday night who they were appalled upon learning the news.

“We would have never guessed he was like that,” Lizabeth Duran said. “[I'm] just really shocked there could be people like that, especially in an elementary school where there is little kids.”

At the time of his arrest, Alvarado worked for Cleveland-based GCA Educations Services, a company that contracts with Williamson County Schools for custodial services.

News 2 has since learned there have been at least three prior instances of GCA employees accused of sex related crimes and felony drug charges.

Since Alvarado's arrest, GCA released a statement reading, “All proper background checks were conducted and documentation was in place. Upon learning of the incident at Scales Elementary, GCA Education Services immediately terminated Mr. Alvarado. GCA is fully supporting law enforcement and school officials to resolve this matter.”

Alvarado is charged with observation without consent.

He was jailed on a $75,000 bond and is expected to appear in court later this month.

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