Missing newborn’s mother jailed in Memphis

Missing newborn's mother jailed in Memphis (Image 1)

The mother of a missing seven-week-old girl has been arrested for aggravated child abuse and child neglect.

Thirty-three-year-old Andrea Walker was booked into jail around 4 a.m. Friday, The Commercial Appeal reported.  

The newspaper reported Walker has not been fully cooperating with authorities regarding information on her newborn daughter Aniston.

Aniston was reported missing by her father Thursday morning. Walker reportedly told police she left the baby alone with her three-year-old son Thursday morning while she took her five-year-old son to school.

Upon her return home 30 minutes later, Walker told police her infant was missing. Police said there was no signs of a break-in and the home's doors were locked.

Instead of calling police Walker called the baby's father and her mother before she left her three-year-old child alone again for about an hour.

“The mother is what we can classify as a suspect in the disappearance of that child,” Memphis police director Toney Armstrong Armstrong said.

He continued, “Realistically, seven-week-old kids don't mysteriously disappear without some circumstances. If this was a teenage kid, even a small child of school age, obviously our hopes would be higher.”

Walker's two other children are now in the care of family members.

Anyone with information on Aniston's whereabouts is urged to call Memphis police at 901-636-3700.

*The Commercial Appeal contributed to this report.

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