Geese rescued from frozen pond recover at Walden’s Puddle

Geese rescued from frozen pond recover at Walden's Puddle (Image 1)

Two geese that were rescued after becoming stuck to a frozen pond at Centennial Park earlier this week are continuing to recover at a Joelton animal wildlife rescue.

Wildlife officials used a kayak to get to the geese, whose feathers froze to the ice on Lake Watauga Wednesday, which is adjacent to the Parthenon.

The geese remain in the care of Walden's Puddle, who said the animals are still recovering from the traumatic incident.

“If they had sat there on the ice all night long, they wouldn't have fair well,” said Bettina Bowers of Walden's Puddle.

Officials from the animal rescue told News 2 Friday the geese are domesticated birds and they suspect they were dumped by their former owners.

“These guys can't really fly so they can't escape predators. They are used to being looked after so when they are just dumped at a pond somewhere there chances of survival are not great,” said Bowers.

The geese are expected to remain in the care of Walden's Puddle for the next few weeks. Upon a full recovery the pair will likely be placed up for adoption.

It costs around $105 per week to care for each goose while in the non-profit's care.

“Walden's Puddle receives no state or federal funding. We're here just because of the good hearts in our community,” said Chairman and CEO of Walden's Puddle Lane Brody.

For more information on Walden's Puddle, visit their Web site.

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