Family returns after fire destroys home Donelson home

Family returns after fire destroys home Donelson home (Image 1)

A family returned to what is left of their home Wednesday after a devastating fire destroyed the residence earlier this week.

As she walked around to the back of the house Nicole Snyder couldn't believe what she saw.

“Oh my God. This is awful. Look at the car, it's completely gone. The upstairs is completely gone,” she said in disbelief.  

Snyder grew up in the home on Glen Oaks Drive in Donelson.

Monday night the house caught fire, displacing her parents, her sister, her fiance and their 14-month-old son.

“Everything I've ever known has been at that house and now it's completely gone,” Snyder told News 2.

The family says the fire came up through the basement, but they don't know how it started.

“It literally happened within minutes,” Sean Webster, who arrived at the home shortly after firefighters said. “They smelled smoke downstairs and were walking around trying to find it but could not find anything. Open a door, flames shoot out and everybody just evacuated it was the only thing we could do.”

The seven residents were able to escape the home unharmed, however the family did lose their dog in the blaze.

The family said they are thankful for help they've received from their church, as well as friends and strangers who heard about what happened.

The Red Cross is helping them with short term housing while they look for another place to live.

A benefit account has also been set up at Regions bank under Monica Snyder's name.

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