Extreme weather causes pothole problems across Middle Tenn.

(Photo: WKRN)
(Photo: WKRN)

The extreme weather is causing a pothole problem across Middle Tennessee.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation knows it is a problem and called in floating division workers to help patch the roads.

“What we've got going on this year, everybody knows we have got really cold temperatures, freezing rain, sleet, snow,” said Steve Elliott, highway maintenance worker with TDOT.

Three crews of about seven to eight people are working tirelessly to patch as many potholes as possible.

Elliott said there seems to be more potholes popping up this winter than in years past.

He said bad driving conditions have made repair work hazardous for crews.

As of early Thursday afternoon, Nashville was under a freezing rain advisory. That makes an already dangerous job even more challenging for workers.

“We've had a couple that has been hit, but we've been lucky for about the last month we've been lucky, we haven't had accidents for about three or four weeks.

TDOT crews will continue working without an end in sight.

“Usually after you repair one, like we are repairing these today, maybe by the middle of next week, if it keeps this up, we'll be right back out here repairing the same ones,” said Elliott.

To report a needed pothole repair contact your TDOT region office.

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