School maintenance works to fix problems caused by cold

School maintenance works to fix problems caused by cold (Image 1)

School maintenance crews were busy Wednesday fixing problems caused by this week's extreme cold temperatures before students return to class Thursday.

In Maury County, crews spent the day checking heating units and repairing broken water pipes at area schools.

Tuesday, there was a water problem at Spring Hill High School and some minor flooding in a boiler room at Central High School caused by a burst pipe.

Some of the classrooms at local schools also don't have enough heat to keep students warm.

But Director of Schools, Eddie Hickman, said the biggest concern this week has been school buses.

“Our concern is with air brakes and air doors and some buses are still frozen up and some may not start,” said Hickman.

Sixty-percent of the district's children rely on buses to get them to and from school each day. Many of those buses must travel to rural areas to pick up children and some of the roads still had patches of black ice early Wednesday morning.

“We are looking at it from the standpoint of safety. Our students in our county may not be clothed well enough in this weather to wait on a bus for 15 to 30 minutes so we take all that into consideration,” said Hickman.

Like most school districts in Middle Tennessee, Maury County schools were closed Wednesday.

While there have been no major issues in the school buildings, Hickman worries there could be.

“We're worrying about some frozen pipes that when they start to thaw out they're going to bust,” said Hickman.

Maury County schools will be in session as normal on Thursday.

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